Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Start Out Yet Again

I'm starting out yet again on my 'Paradise Island' blog; about life in a small tropical paradise.

It's a great place, but with one major problem; Food.

Filipino cooking is terrible. It is almost worse than Nigerian food.

So the next few posts will be about what you can do with simple Filipino ingredients


Elle said...

I'm really curious as to which Nigerian food you've had. Or is this criticism simply based on an encounter with a bad, bad chef/cook?

Try Nigerian recipes and you just might change your mind about Nigerian Food. I've found a few on http://www.Spicebaby.com and I loved it!

I've had several rice recipes including jollof rice, fried rice and yummy delicacies such as fried plantains and mixed beans and boy, were they tasty.

Get a real, properly cooked Nigerian meal and you'll keep on going back for more.

John said...

Welcome back.

I think that you must have a bad chef in Philippines as well.
My wife of seventeen years is from Siargao and her cooking is the best I have ever tasted.