Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is General Stan McChrystal, the Man of the Moment, so sparse and Spartan, so scornful of eating, drinking and sleeping that he looks like an Egyptian mummy.

He's in charge of the totally useless and unwinnable Aghan War.

He gamed Obama royally on the Afghan War, by disloyally leaking his deliberately grim report on the situation to Bob Woodward, of WaPo.

McChrystal is an ex-terrorist (he ran Dick Cheney's private assassination and torture squad in Iraq), so he's ideal to run this operation, which will kill thousands, if not millions, of innocents, who have already just about survived 30 years of war.

When you have men of this ilk in the military, thinking of nothing more than personal glory, then your Empire aspirations are in deep shit.

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