Sunday, October 18, 2009

Child of Gaza

Child of Gaza, originally uploaded by smallislander.
I published this photo on Flickr on January 4th 2009, after a few days of the Hanukkah Massacre, Since then, it's had over 2000 views, which is quite something for a photo-sharing club.

The original photo is by Fady Adwan of Getty Images. I added only a title.


Anonymous said...

The problem with your title is that the assumption becomes this is an Israeli child. Is that true? If this is a Gazan child, then a more appropriate title might be “Israel calls this a terrorist.”

Richard said...

It never occurred to me that the girl might be taken as an Israeli child - that's why I titled the post 'Child of Gaza'. I agree with you that “Israel calls this a terrorist.”

There is such a strong apparatus of apartheid in Israel/Palestine that very few Israelis ever meet Palestians on an equal basis.

Anonymous said...

It never occurred to you that it was an Israeli child? Well you might want to educate yourself about the 800 Israeli children your friends the Oppressed Palestinians have slaughtered in recent years.

Richard said...

Anonymous: Read B'Tselem's reports on casualties.

Their statistics cover from 2000 to 2008, so they don't include the Hanukkah Massacre.

Minors (18 and under) killed:

In Israel - 84
In Occupied Territories - 39
Total: - 123

In Israel - 3
In Occupied Territories - 952
Total: - 955

Before you have the temerity to comment on my weblog, please get yourself properly educated.