Saturday, June 13, 2009

Public 'Services'

Public 'Services'
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Our mayor cleaned out the karaoke bars along the boulevard, because their customers p*****d behind them, in the school yard.

Now, he's finished off the public loo building.

The local average wage here is P200 = $4 per day.

So exactly who is going to spend even 2.5% of his income on a s*** when he can go to the beach and do it for free?

And exactly what are 'other purposes'?


Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky old chap,
Howyadoin? I shure do hope you're not in the can, haven't seen you postin lately but I always see you on-line. Drug charges gettin the best of you? Nahhh, hope not. A bloody old chap like you is like a tough weed, no matter how you pull it out, it just keeps on sproutin. Post more, sprout more on the web. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Felipe Espejon is not capable of running the town. I am hoping EX Mayor Jaime Rusillion will be back. And I'll be backing him ALL the way! And to those who voted for Felipe, this is all i can say to all of you...YOU CAN STICK IT!