Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kayabasa pumpkin flower early morning

Out of the 100 or so pumpkin seeds I sowed earlier this year, only one has survived, but it has survived with a vengeance. Every other morning I go down to the end of the garden and redirect its trail in the opposite direction, so now it's looking like a plate of vegetable spaghetti.

It flowers in the early morning, before the sun shrivels it up. Not a sign of a pumpkin fruit yet.

I was imagining lots of pumpkin curries, but all I've got is these goddamned flowers, and sweet little tendrils.


Joerg Buesching said...

Maybe lack of proper insects to pollinate the blossoms? I have some pumpkins in my garden, too (mainly because of the nice flowers: I love them). Last year I got so many pumpkins I didn't know where to leave them. But this year the snakes invaded the garden and ate alle but one plants.

Joerg Buesching said...

Sorry I just saw I made a stupid mistake: Of course I meant "snails", not "snakes".